Sons of Temperance

Temperance Group ‘Fair Play’ Call

If the Government can give consideration to the opinions of the representatives of 10 million trade unionists in the TUC, there is no reason why it should not give the same attention to the 10 million total abstainers in Britain.
That was the message of Mr Gerald Cooper, the Most Worthy Patriarch of the Order of the Sons of Temperance.
Speaking at the opening of the Order’s national conference at the Winter Garden, Mr Cooper said that trade unions each have their own identity, interest and resources. There are also many temperance societies with individual interests, but all with the same basic aims.
“Is there not a case to be made for the establishment of another TUC – a Temperance United Council, or Confederation or Congress? Such a body could add considerable strength to the representations of the temperance movement to secure the reforms we seek.”
At the opening of the conference on Monday, the Mayor of Eastbourne, Mrs Kathleen Raven, welcomed over 200 delegates from London, Hull, Birmingham, Manchester, Cardiff and North and South Yorkshire.

(Eastbourne Gazette, 1 Jun 1976)

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