Sons of Temperance

Sons of Temperance society's emblem is a red, white and blue triangle within a blue circle.

The teetotal society

Who are the Sons of Temperance?

  • The Sons of Temperance Friendly Society is exclusively for non drinkers.
  • The roots of the National Division of the Order of the Sons of Temperance Friendly Society were American having been established in New York in 1842. The society, and its ceremonies, quickly spread across the U.S. and Canada, to Britain and around the English-speaking world. However nowhere is the society still functioning in its traditional form.
  • As an outcome of a radical reorganisation over recent years the society, in the UK, no longer provides friendly society savings plans and life insurance policies.
  • The reorganisation does however enable the society to concentrate on education and furthering the temperance cause. As a discretionary friendly society we are continuing our social, fraternal and educational activities.
  • In 2012 the society's national office relocated from 176 Blackfriars Road, London to Old Bank House, Odiham, RG29 1LF, UK.
  • Despite what the society's name might suggest, the membership comprises both males and females. If you are teetotal you are invited to Join us!
  • Our motto is Love, Purity, Fidelity.

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If you are a past or present Son of Temperance, or a member of another teetotal society, or you are a teetotaller, or you share a concern over society's problems caused by alcohol then we'd love to hear from you – and to have your support.

Are you Teetotalicious?

"Teetotalicious" is a new UK-based Facebook group promoting the temperance movement of the 21st century. Teetotalicious is not connected to any existing temperance or teetotal society.


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